Panel 1: Rosie Reeds, a eye-patch wearing cardinal bird, walks over to Clara Hopper. Clara Hopper is sitting on the curb outside Florence Greentail’s house. Rosie Reeds says, “Hey, Clara. I got your text. Nice outfit!” Clara Hopper replies, “Hey Rosie. Thanks for walking me back home.”

Panel 2: Rosie Reeds helps Clara Hopper stand up. Rosie Reeds says, “No problem! How did the the satanic cult initiation go? I hope they didn’t haze you too hard!” Clara Hopper weakly laughs, “ah-ha.”

Panel 3: Rosie Reeds impersonates Clara Hopper’s tone. Rosie Reeds says, ” ‘Its not a cult, Rosie, it’s a research for serious magical traditions!’ ”

Panel 4: Rosie Reeds leans over, her face suspicious. Rosie Reeds says “WAIT. Why aren’t YOU correcting me?” Clara Hopper mumbles, “mmm…”

Panel 5: Rosie Reeds says blankly, “Oh my god. You really did join a cult.” Clara Hopper wails, “NOT ON PURPOSE!”