Panel 1: Rosie Reeds says, “You are gonna go back, right? Like, it’s creepy but too funny to-” Clara Hopper interrupts her, looking forward in anger. “ARGH! Not again!”

Panel 2: Clara Hopper gestures at a large red pick-up truck parked in front of Clara Hopper’s house. Clara Hopper says “Our asshole neighbor is blocking our driveway!! Ugh! He won’t stop. I wish I could magically keep him from parking here.”

Panel 3: Rosie Reeds says, “Actually, I know a good curse for this situation.” Clara Hopper excitedly adds, “Really?! Tell me!”

Panel 4: Rosie Reeds begins to say, “First, you get your keys and-” Clara Hopper cuts her off and says “NOT HELPING.”