Panel 1: A title card reads, “CRITTER COVEN: Educational Endslate!” On one side of the title, Florence Greentail is grinning widely and says, “My favorite part of the comic!” On the other side of the title, Rosie Reeds looks grouchy and says “Educational…? It’s all FAKE.”

Panel 2: Inkshadowblood is looking over her shoulder. Inkshadowblood says, “EW! Did Arepo make voodoo dolls of us all? Creepy!” Florence Greentail looks at Inkshadowblood with confusion.

Panel 3: Florence Greentail says, “Not Voodoo Dolls- POPPETS! Voodoo, more properly, Voudon, is a specific religion. Poppets are part of many magical traditions.” Inkshadowblood mutters, “I’m already bored.”

Panel 4: Florence Greentail points at a chalkboard illustration and says, “Poppets are a small representation of a person, often containing hair or fingernails of the person. What symbolically happens to the poppet, will magically happen to the actual person.” Florence Greentail continues, “This is called sympathetic magic, where manipulating a symbol or “microcosm” changes the real deal.”

The chalkboard has a picture of an Arepo-like doll, with an arrow pointing to it that says “can be made of cloth, wax, paper, sticks…anything really.” Next to the doll is an addition sign, and then a picture of a clump of hair. The clump of hair is labeled, “Inside: Part of Person: hair or fingernails, blood, photograph, full name (in a pinch).” The hair and doll are collectively labeled “microcosm.”  The final drawing is an equal sign and Arepo herself.

Inkshadowblood growls from the corner, “Still creepy!”