Panel 1: Clara Hopper walks past Florence Greentail into the living room. Clara Hopper says, “Ooh! Snacks!” From off-panel, there is a voice that says “Okay, Mom! Just stop right there! YEESH!” Also off-panel comes a loud knock on the door.

Panel 2: Florence Greentail opens the front door. Inkshadowblood stands in the doorway, and says, “Hey. Is this the witch place?” Florence Greentail says, “I- uh- yes?”

Panel 3: Inkshadowblood marches past Florence Greentail. Inkshadowblood says, “Great. Let’s do this thing.” Florence Greentail meekly mutters, “Welcome?”

Panel 4: Inkshadowblood looks back at Florence Greentail and says, “Wait. The Rede. You know it?” Florence Greentail responds, “Yes- are you Wiccan?” Inkshadowblood retorts, “Of course- I’m a witch.”

Panel 5: Inkshadowblood starts to ramble out loud, but her words are cut off. She says, “Because, like, how strict is that? What if hurting her is for the greater good, because she tells everybody I’m dumb, but, like, we’re in the same classes on…” Meanwhile, Florence Greentail says, “Ah.”