Panel 1: Florence Greentail and Clara Hopper are sitting on the couch. Florence Greentail says, “So, your hat…” and Clara Hopper responds, “Oh, yeah! Do you like it? I got it online from a hand-made store and-”

Panel 2: Florence Greentail cuts of Clara to say, “I feel obligated to tell you… it’s origins are, well, antisemitic.”

Panel 3: Clara Hopper sits in stunned silence. Florence Greentail rambles a long speech, partially obscured behind Clara Hopper. Clara Hopper thinks “But…but… I spent 160 dollars on this co-ord…”

Florence Greentail’s ramble reads, “Now, there has been some debate if the origin of the stereotype matter anymore considering this hasn’t been a symbol associated with the Jewish people in probably a century, and.. (cut off) …not that means it can’t be reclaimed by non-Jewish witches. Also… (cut off)… your hat isn’t exactly the right shape because of those bizarre… (cut off) …been alive long enough to see the twisted hat rise to popularity… (cut off) …never understood why that became such a standard for stereotypical… (cut off) …But I still think people who are sensitive to the matter like the a- (cut off) …offended (cut off) … this outfit (cut off) … Of course, I support (cut off) … change (cut off) … don’t see a good reason to (cut off) … serous issue in the modern.. (cut-off) … like Trish Honeyblood and other (cut off) … stealing from closed traditions like Halloween Candy Buckets…”