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I will have a table at ZINE FEST HOUSTON in Houston, Texas on November 11th! I will be selling old and new Critter Coven Merchandise, and representing Wool Wolf Comics. Entrance to Zine Fest is free, so I hope to see you there!!

Unfortunately, however, I was not fast enough to get a confirmed table at Furry Fiesta in February. I have been entered in a lottery for a reserve of tables put aside for “too-late” applicants, and so there is still a small chance I will have a table, if I am lucky enough. I will discover the results of the lottery on September 30th. (For the record, I was apparently 30 seconds too late to get a confirmed table! Curses!)

The unfortunate news continues with a small change in Critter Coven’s update schedule. For the rest of September, there will only be updates on SATURDAYS. I need to switch back to one-a-week updates for a little while for health reasons, and to build up a buffer again. I am very sorry about this, and I hope you can continue to stick with my comic and me through this time. Two-a-week updates will continue in October, which will be Critter Coven’s 1-year anniversary!