This is Critter Coven’s 50th comic strip, and tomorrow is the 1 year anniversary of Critter Coven’s launch! Thank you so much to all my readers and patrons who helped me to get here!!! I hope these milestones will become quaint as the comic continues for years and years to come.

To celebrate these milestones is the  public release of the first pages of WORLD INFO– a series of illustrated text about the world that Critter Coven takes place in! This series will continue for the following weeks.

You can support Critter Coven on Patreon and get early access, exclusive content, and even custom art! The Patreon is what helps keep this comic going.

In other, unfortunate news, I was not drawn in the lottery for a table at Furry Fiesta 2018. I will not have a table and will not be able to attend. Thank you to all the people who supported the fundraising effort to purchase a table, and I am sorry it didn’t work out.