Panel 1: Clara Hopper is sleeping in her bed. Her alarm clock reads, “11:37 PM.” Clara Hopper’s phone starts to ring, buzzing and “singing,” “Sora mimi cake…”

Panel 2: Clara Hopper picks up the phone and says, “Rosie, if you called me back just to tease me, I-” Rosie Reeds interrupts Clara to scream, “GHOST!!”

Panel 3: Clara Hopper sits up in her bed. “WHAT?!” says Clara, “You saw a ghost before I got to?!”

Panel 4: Clara Hopper, with tears in her eyes, shouts, “No fair! Why does cool stuff always happen to YOU!?”

Panel 5: Rosie Reeds is running through the forest path, shaking her hand at a cold breeze. Rosie Reeds shouts, “Stop being jealous and do something witchy, Clara!” Clara Hopper calms down to say, “Oh! Ok!”