Notice– June is Guest Artist Month!

For the month of May, I took a break from drawing Critter Coven comics to work on drawing the assets for the first Critter Coven phsyical issue and to get products and projects ready for Anthrocon 2017. I, along with my friend Chris Samuels (Lore the Cat)​ , have a table in the Dealer’s Den at Anthrocon where we will be selling comics, prints, buttons, and other merchandise. We will also be promoting a sorta-secret project we’ve been working on together!

But what this means for my dear Critter Coven readers is that June will not have regular updaytes. There will be new comics every week, just as before– but they will be non-canon guest strips done by other wonderful comic artists. I am sure you’re going to enjoy them.

Regular, canon updates drawn by me will resume in July!