Critter Coven is a comic about real witches, who just happen to be animals. A cast of misfit magickal-enthusiasts find themselves together in a study club that soon turns into a “coven” that is a lot more than any of them bargained for. The comic pokes fun at the witchcraft and occult subcultures. If you’ve ever been to a Witchy Store, or to the New Age section at the book store, you might be able to relate to some of the characters in Critter Coven. At the end of ever chapter, the cast of Critter Coven will present an informational comic about real concepts in practical magic and witchcraft.

Critter Coven is written and drawn by Austin “Lucheek” Vanderwilt. The comic started as a college assignment to create a small comic for a “niche audience.” After running a witchcraft blog for 4 years, Lucheek realized that practical witches and occult humor was a very untapped genre in webcomics. The fit was perfect. About half-a-year after its classroom origins, Critter Coven properly launched on Tapastic in October 2016.

Lucheek graduated Cum Laude from the Savannah College of Art and Design in March 2016, with a degree in Sequential Art. She has dreamed of drawing comics professionally since she was a child, and couldn’t be more pleased about making Critter Coven. Lucheek was a practicing, solitary witch for 10+ years. In 2018, she became a founding member and Grand Muse of the Coven Cordelia.

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You can always email Lucheek at [email protected].