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Panel 1: Florence Greentail looks up from her shopping list with disdain. Florence Greentail says, “Ugh, I loathe coming to the mall. Already lost!”

Panel 2: Florence Greentail notices a tall pair of orange ears with many piercings among the crowd at the mall, and says “Ooh!”

Panel 3: Florence Greentail grabs the shoulder of the passing person, with eyes closed in a big smile. Florence Greentail says, “Inkshadowblood! Fancy seeing you here!!”

Panel 4: Florence Greentail continues, “Do you happen to know where-UH!” Florence Greentail realizes this person she grabbed is not Inkshadowblood, but another person (Jaxson Gulf) with similar tall orange ears. Jaxson Gulf, an orange cat, looks a little confused and concerned.

Panel 5: Florence Greentail reels backward and says, “I’m SO sorry! I thought you were MY teenage goth mall-rat!” Jaxson Gulf shrugs slightly and responds, “…errr, nope?” (Beside Jaxson Gulf is a white rabbit, Ashley Keller, who looks at Florence Greentail with disgust.)