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Panel 1: Ashley Keller says, “Inkshadowblood…? …isn’t that what Mary Pope calls herself?”

Panel 2: Ashley Keller points to the left and says, “If you’re looking for Mary, she was hanging out by the phone repair cart… over there.”

Panel 3: Florence Greentail walks left, and says to Ashley Keller and Jaxson Gulf, “Oh-ho-ho! Thank you, kids! S-sorry about grabbing your shoulder, eh-heh!”

Panel 4: After Florence Greentail has left, Jaxson Gulf ponders and says, “Uhh… Ashley… wasn’t the phone place the other way?” Ashley Keller has a moment of realization, and says, “oh, yeah.”

Panel 5: Ashley Keller shrugs and says, “Ah, whatever! The mall’s a loop. She’ll get there eventually.” Jaxson Gulf smiles slightly.