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Panel 1: Florence Greentail glares around the crowd and thinks, “I don’t see it!! Ugh! Is this a mall, or a labryinth?”

Panel 2: Florence Greentail reaches for the split stick in her hair and thinks, “Oh well. Not my most experienced technique… but worth a shot!!”

Panel 3: Florence Greentail has her eyes closed and is dowsing. The effect is kind of blurred and dull, and you can see multiple thoughts out-of-order. “When was the last time I dowesed for something.. I hope I don’t step in anything gross.. this won’t work.. am I going in circles?… focus… what does that mean… am I looking for Inkshadowblood or the gift shop?”

Panel 4: Florence Greentail hears a small “tink!” noise and opens her eyes.

Panel 5: Florence Greentail’s stick has pressed against a map sign in the mall that marks her current location and a list of stores. Florence says, out loud, “Magic is awesome.”