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Panel 1: Florence Greentail is walking right, when she notices Inkshadowblood in the distance of the crowded mall. Florence thinks, “Finally, got that out of the way- Oh!”

Panel 2: Florence Greentail waves at Inkshadowblood, who is also waving back. Florence thinks, “Gee, I hope that’s really Ink this time.”

Panel 3: Inkshadowblood starts screaming, and with hands in the air, running toward Florence, and pushing folks out of the way. Florence thinks, “… …gee I hope that’s Ink…”

Panel 4: Inkshadowblood screams and shakes Florence by the shoulders. Ink shouts, “Mrs. Greenwitch! You have to tell me EVERYTHING about vampires! Right! Now!” Florence thinks, “It’s Ink.”