Commentary: Florence’s opinions do not reflect my own (nor do any of the cast’s!)

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Panel 1: Florence Greentail pulls herself away from Inkshadowblood and remarks, “No offense, Ink, but… I assumed you already knew all about vampires.” Inkshadowblood clenches her fists and shouts, “NOT THE REAL ONES!!”

Panel 2: Florence Greentail says, “Uh, what real ones- oh! Do you mean energy vampires?”

Panel 3: Florence Greentail scratches her head. “Well, instead of blood, they drain a person’s magical or life energy, sometimes without permission- or warning! Energy vampires also often have emotional issues from over-sympathy, or weak life energy of their own.”

Panel 4: Florence Greentail keeps talking. “They’re not like movie monsters at all, except sometimes in fashion sense, I guess. They’re just tiring and toxic to be around…” Inkshadowblood is listening with excitement, bouncing and wagging her tail. “Yeah,and?” Inkshadowblood asks. “…Just generally unpleasant people who will steal your magic subtley…” Florence Greentail continues. Inkshadowblood responds, again, “Yeah, and?”

Panel 5: Florence Greentail sighs and hunches over, “…and you still want to be one, don’t you?” Inkshadowblood grabs her by the shoulders, begging enthusiastically. “Ple-e-ase!!”