Happy Halloween! 

Thank you so much for reading my comic.

I figured out how to have blog updates! So I can post news directly on the site itself. The Hiatus Sigils will be posted in this blog area, starting tomorrow.

New artwork and a BONUS phone background have been added to the newly-fixed Art Gallery page. The Coven decided to do a group “Undertale” cosplay for Halloween, minus Florence who is a Boo Humbug.

The Coven’s Undertale Play-Styles

Rosie: Has played through the game countless times to see all possible endings, as well as get 100% steam achievements.

Clara: Played the “True Pacifist” route once, and never loaded the game up again out of fear of ruining the character’s happy ending. She cried when she had to fight Asgore. (AKA- exactly what I did)

Ink: Never played the game, just watched popular youtubers play it. She’s a fan of the “Frisk is Dead” game theories.

Arepo: Started a Pacifist run, but never got past Snowdin Town because she keeps re-playing the Papyrus date.