Happy Valentine’s Day!!

I decided to try something a little different for this month’s Phone Background. The image, while together does serve as a standard IPhone Background, can also be printed and used as silly little Valentine’s Cards!

It’s always been my experience that Valentine’s Day is just as much about puns as it is love, so let me say that I hope you all have a magyckal day!

Additionally, I have decided to put time-relevant news in these posts instead of in the comic’s description from now on. Comic descriptions will be reserved for things relevant to the comic posted.

So, the news for today is that my new laptop/tablet arrived on Friday, and I am absolutely loving it. The transition from drawing on a tablet to drawing directly on the screen has been a little more extreme than I thought it would be. You might notice some more inconsistencies in my lines for a while, but other than that I think I’ve managed to get to a point where the art looks pretty much the same.

Thank you all for reading my silly comic!