A sigil used by Florence Greentail to help inspire healthy plant growth in her various gardens. If you look hard, you can actually find this sigil in the comic itself! Florence has a personal system of sigils, all that incorporate that various phases of the moon. The downward-facing half moon here is a sign of the Earthy Element, an a period of transition. Since Florence frequently uses sigils in her daily life, the ones she uses need to be easy to remember and quick to draw.

Today, Nov 11th, I am going to be at Zine Fest Houston, a local self-publishing meet-up! I will be selling Critter Coven merchandise, including a new print that isn’t available online yet, as well as mini-comics, buttons, and a portfolio booklet.  Zine Fest has free admission, so if you’re in the Houston area I would love for you to visit. You can see more information at the Zine Fest Houston website!!