I am very sorry to announce that when Critter Coven returns in January, the comic will only be updating once-a-week, on Wednesdays.

I know a lot of you were very excited for twice-a-week updates, but my current energy and mental state can not keep up with that pace. I’d feel better sticking to once-a-week updates and not having to take a hiatus every few months, than to have twice-a-week updates that cause me to burn out and take total breaks.

I do want Critter Coven to eventually update twice a week (or maybe even three times a week! Dream big!) someday, when I am at a skill level that can handle drawing that many comics quickly. I am not there yet, however, and its hard to judge when I will be.

I appreciate you all reading Critter Coven, and your comments and support on Patreon.

(Hiatus Sigils will only update on Wesnesday as well, from now on.)