Edit: Critter Coven is going on an indefinite hiatus starting April 17th, as I prepare to and adjust to moving and my new day-job. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Last month, I started the application process for an apartment with my sibling. About a week ago, the application was approved!! It’s official- I am moving out of my parent’s house in the woods around May 5th!!

I have started applying for jobs in the area around my new apartment, which has much more employment available. I am hoping I can have a new day-job lined up before I move.

The physical process of moving, adjusting to a more independent life, and obviously being employed will almost definitely effect my ability to update comics. I have every intention of continuing Critter Coven and Station: Starseed, but it is very likely that the comics will go on a reduced schedule or hiatus in Late April/May. Hopefully, though, the adjustment to the new lifestyle and schedule will happen quickly and smoothly and my webcomics will update regularly again soon afterwards!

An exciting fact about the move is my new apartment actually has access to high-speed internet! This means I will have the ability to do live art-streams for things like the monthly phone backgrounds and the Major Arcana Tarot Deck, or even in-stream commissions. Please keep an eye out for streams in the future!

I can’t say enough how much I appreciate y’alls support of my work and understanding of missed updates. May you be blessed!