I forget to put updates about Critter Coven… on the actual Critter Coven site…


New Website: No updates here, but it’s still in the works!

New Comic: Thumbnail for the next page is done, but it’ll likely be a while before it’s finished. I want to complete Book 3 first. The comic, although glacial, isn’t dead…!

Book 3: Book 3 has a spot illustration left, and will be shipping this October. The book will be 72 internal pages, perfect bound, and- as always- contain bonus art, and creator commentary not found online. The regular book will be about $25. However, if you’re interested in getting your name printed inside the book and a special original sketch version, I am offering SPECIAL PREORDERS for $60 USD. These are only available until September 16th.

Email me ASAP if you’d like to get this deal!!

Where to Find Me / Personal Updates: Okay…. so I keep forgetting to update this site, but if you’re wanting to stay up to-date on my projects… I do recommend my Twitter and Discord Server as where I am most active.

2022 has been… a series of disasters, to be honest. It’s getting kind of ridiculous. This is on top of my full-time job, that takes up a lot of time but especially energy. I’m still going though, and I want to re-iterate that the comic will continue!! Thank you for all your support.