Happy Halloween!!

I am happy to announce that Critter Coven (and Station: Starseed) will return to their regular, weekly update schedules for the month of November! Hoorah!  December will be a complete hiatus, as it is every year, so that I can focus on my family and the holidays. Regular updates with return in January, and hopefully continue through to next December.

I am also very happy to announce that I have launched the first Mini-Arc on my Patreon! Mini-Arcs are special, non-canon “what if” type side-stories to Critter Coven and Station: Starseed told through b/w strips! For Patrons pledging $5 or more, Mini-Arc strips will be posted once a week. If you are not a Patron, Mini-Arcs will be made available for digital purchase after the next entire mini-arc is complete. (As in, when I finish the second mini-arc, the first mini-arc will be collected in its entirety and made available to buy!)

The first Mini-Arc is a Critter Coven Halloween special called “Coven Carol” and the first strip is available right now on my Patreon!!

Finally, don’t forget that Wool Wolf Comics- and myself- will be at “Comic Indie Con” in Houston, Texas this Saturday Nov. 3rd!! Entrance to this convention specifically for small comic creators is totally free- if you’re in the area, please drop by to say hello and check out the cool comic books and merchandise I and the other Wool Wolf creators will be offering. I hope to see you there!

As always, thank you all so much for reading and supporting my comic. This is a dream come true, and I never want to loose sight that it’s been made possible by the kindness of my readers. Thank you, and bless you!