Critter Coven is back! Thank you to Merlin for the guest comic, and my readers for their understanding patience as I rebuilt the buffer.  In addition to building back a nice little buffer for the comic, some other super cool stuff happened over the break!

First of all, Critter Coven’s Patreon reached it’s $100/month goal- which means that a Major Arcana Tarot Deck featuring CC characters is under way! There will be 22 fully illustrated cards! I have already finished the first card- “The Fool.”

I am posting the artwork as I finish them, on my social media accounts and the art gallery page, and the completed version of the deck with borders and card-back will be available as a PDF file for all my patrons to download. The physical copy of the deck will be sold in the Wool Wolf store. I am aiming to get two cards done a month, but I’m not going to promise that. The deck will probably take a year or more to complete.

Second of all, I am starting a second webcomic! Station: Starseed is an fantasy adventure comic and is going to launch on May 11th! Station: Starseed will be updating every Friday from then on.  I’ve been working on SSS for a while, and I’m super excited to finally start sharing it.

Thank you all for reading my comic!