First of all, thank you to any new readers who found the comic through Wool Wolf’s table at Havencon! I hope you enjoy the comic!!

For those who were not able to attend Havencon, new Critter Coven merchandise has been made and will be added to the Wool Wolf Store soon. This includes a new postcard-size print, a functioning Critter Coven Ouija Board, and the print version of Chapter 2!!

Next on the agenda, I have heard back from the other convention I applied to- Alamo City Furry Invasion- and I am sorry to report that I did not get a table there. I will not be attending Furry Invasion. At this time, I have no other convention appearances planned. I am unlikely to apply for more this year, as I want to take a break from convention-ing to focus on creating the actual comic.

Finally, and probably most importantly, Critter Coven is taking a brief “Spring Break” hiatus. This means there will not be an updayte on April 11th!!  Between technical issues, personal events, and preparing for Havencon… I have run out of comic buffer!! I am skipping an update so I can build up a buffer again. I appreciate your understanding, and thank you for reading my silly comic!