Panel 1: Arepo and Florence Greentail are sitting on the couch. Arepo is munching on cheese-puff snacks, silent, and Florence Greentail awkwardly says “So, uh… magic, huh?” From off-panel, there is a rhythmic knocking at the door.

Panel 2: Florence Greentail mutters, “Oh thank gods- the door.”

Panel 3: Florence Greentail opens the front door. Clara Hopper is standing the doorway, wearing a colorful and over-the-top outfit. Clara Hopper says “Hi! Um… I, is this the magic club?”

Panel 4: Florence Greentail says “Yes- you didn’t have to dress up.” Clara Hopper says, “Oh! This isn’t a costume. It’s what I call Magic-Kai Wave. It’s a fashion.”

Panel 5: Clara Hopper holds up the “V-for-Victory” hand signal, even though she only has two fingers. “Something really whimsycore, y’know?”

Panel 6: Florence Greentail mimics the hand signal weakly, and says “S-sure??”