This comic features a cameo by Critter Coven Patron, Floobadoo, and is the first instance of a male character in the entire comic!


Panel 1: Rosie Reeds is talking on her smart phone to Clara Hopper. Rosie Reeds is smiling as Clara¬† says, “…so I wanted to let you know!”

Panel 2: Clara Hopper, through the phone, says “A-anyways, It’s almost Friday…” Rosie Reeds rolls her eyes and says, “So?”

Panel 3: Clara Hopper says, “So, um… I just… do you think I should go back to the… coven?” Rosie Reeds puts her hand on her face in frustration.

Panel 4: Rosie Reeds says, “Look, Clara… you’ve been talking about that all damn week! It only lasted like, 30 minutes! So if you don’t go back, you need to STOP talking about it.” (Rosie Reeds is walking through the park, and in the background you can see Floobadoo, a black cat, on a date with a white cat who looks a lot like Nepeta Leijon from Homestuck.)

Panel 5:¬† Clara Hopper says, “Ok! Ok! Fine- I’ll go back if you think I should so badly!” Rosie Reeds smiles smugly and says, “Sure, let’s pretend that’s what I said.”